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Learn to Sight Read

Sight Reading is the ability to play a piece upon first sight, without any practice.

Learning to read notes and rhythms are important to make you an

Independent Musician! That means that once you are good at

reading music you can learn any song you want to, on your own!

Sight reading helps give you the ability to learn songs faster and faster, so put in the practice now and later playing music will become much easier!

Here are the things to look over first as you prepare to sight read:

Key Signature

Hand Placement (check for finger crosses & jumps)

Identify trouble spots & play them out loud


Time Signature


Count one measure and play!

Once you begin do not stop to correct mistakes (keep moving forward!)

TIP: Keep your eyes on the music, pretend your hands are covered up.

Try to sight read a new line of music every day and you will be a master in no time!

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